Different ideas for short hair colors

Colors can be a great way to celebrate your new look. Shake off your age-old natural hair color and be the better version of you. If you want to reflect and sparkle a light, choose Marshmallow White. And if you’re looking for an intense pigmentation, you’ll appreciate the idea of ​​longevity and a sleeker look, a mix of different shades – purple, pink and plum – that results in an ultraviolet result should be your first and overriding preference For example, in fall, Golden Ombre is a lovable choice. In case you want to give your personality a twist, go for burnt orange and you’ll shine like never before!

Die Länge kann Ihren Gedanken an Kreativität behindern. So if you’re thinking about changing your hair color, length can hinder your thoughts on creativity. That’s why we’ve developed a variety of hair color ideas specifically for short hair in this guide.

Scroll down and find the one you want to use to cheer your personality.

1. Short hair color

 Kurze Haarfarben

With a wavy texture, the black in the direction of the root with the gray end parts makes this hairstyle a complete package. Wear it on any casual or party day and you will definitely rock.

Balayage – short hair color – idea

 Kurze Haarfarbe - Ideen

This deep and dark brown balayage is so exhausting that it is made perfect, but it’s worth a try. We think you can see the result. So lively and elegant, we can hardly find another color combination!

3. Different light purple short hair color

 Verschiedene kurze Haarfarben

4. Orange short hair color 2018

 Kurzhaarfarbe 2018

5. Balayage Ombre Short hair color 2018

 Kurze Haarfarbe Ideen 2018

6. Light purple wavy hair

 Kurze Haarfarbe Ideas-6

7. Colorful Pixie

 Kurze Haarfarbe Ideas-7

8. Afro Copper Curl

 Kurze Haarfarbenidee-8

9. Violet Side Parted Wavy Bob

 Kurze Haarfarbe Ideen-9

10. Platinum Pixie Updo

 Kurze Haarfarbe Ideas-10

11. Bright Ombre Hair

 Ideas-11 für kurze Haarfarben

12. Cut wavy red wine

 Kurze Haarfarbe Ideen-12

13. Mix colorful braided bun

 Kurze Haarfarbe Ideas-13

14. Dark red short hair

 Kurze Haarfarbe Ideas-14

15. Rich gray hair

 Ideas-15 für kurze Haarfarben

16. Brown Ombre

 Ideas-16 für kurze Haarfarben

17. Highlighted black hair

 Kurze Haarfarbe Ideas-17

18. Fat brown hair

 Kurze Haarfarbe Ideen-18


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