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Most fabulous hair color for African American women

So find the most popular and fabulous hair colors for African American ladies

African American women also have different natural hair color. Some have brownish-yellow, others deep black, while there are also those with reddish-pink hues. Of course, black women can also dye their hair with different colors. Think about what color you should choose for your new look? Are you wondering, which one will make you even more beautiful?

Here are the different options to choose from and a short guide on how to choose the right color for your hair:

Reddish Tones – Stylish hair color for African American

Fabelhafteste Haarfarbe für afroamerikanische Frauen

Long red curly hairstyle for African American women

This is probably the most popular choice and the easiest one to work with. Many African American women like this color because it is very flattering to their complexion. The reddish hair color is not drowned out by the dark skin tone. At the same time it emphasizes the beauty of her skin.

For the reds there are different depths and nuances. Reddish blonde is great if you want to look bolder and nobler. Reddish-bronze and reddish maroon are ideal if you want to provide a well-kept look especially at work. To really spice up your look, you can also choose the fiery red with a lighter shade of color.

Blonde Tone – Hot Hair Color for African American

Fabelhafteste Haarfarbe für afroamerikanische Frauen

Nice short blonde hairstyle for black women

Who says you can not dye your hair blonde? This can also look very appealing, especially if done correctly. For darker skin, it’s best to stay away from the pale blonde or the bright yellow. This would not harmonize well with the skin tone. The best colors are honey-blonde, copper-blond or brownish-gold-blonde. Do not be scared to give depth to your blond hair by having stripes or highlights. This gives your hair a fuller volume.

The decision for blonde hair color may require bleaching. In this way, the natural hair color can be brightened and the blonde color will adhere better. If your hair has been previously treated, eg. Do not dye your hair yourself. Go into the salon and tell the experts about the situation so that permanent damage can be avoided. Salons make chemical lifting, so even if you dye your hair with blond, the strands remain healthy.

Darker Tones – Most popular hair color for African American

Fabelhafteste Haarfarbe für afroamerikanische Frauen

Short black hairstyle with bangs for black women

If you want an extra shine for your hair or prefer darker shades, it is best to choose ash or brown. You can even add accents to enhance your hair color. Jet black is also a good option. However, this only works for warmer skin tones.

In order to preserve the deep, rich color, it is important to use shampoo and hair care products that can enhance the hues. Some shampoos are made especially for dark hair, which prevents the color from fading slightly.

Choosing a new hair color is a dramatic way to improve your look. Whether you are a teenager or 40 years old, do not be afraid to reinvent yourself from time to time by getting hair dyes, highlights, or stripes. That way you will always look fashionable.

Fabelhafteste Haarfarbe für afroamerikanische Frauen


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